We are Retreat And Recover – RAR

Our mission – with RAR – is to offer an exclusive meeting place for people in need of recovery, reflection and change.
We provide a healthy distance to daily life and a whole new scenery. We organize a healthy break and provide integrity.

Our program

During the four-week program, for alcohol- and drug treatment, we offer a structured program for body, mind and soul. We combine western and eastern treatment in new and fruitful way all according to individual needs. We offer a comfortable stay in southern India with sun, warmth, nature and healthy food.

We give our clients a four-week stay with a structured program, with one year follow-up.

Target group

Men and women in leading positions in business, public sector and non-governmental organizations.

Men and women in a need a time-out, because they are psychically and mentally exhausted, due to extensive use of alcohol and use of drugs to cope with everyday life.

Maximum 12 participants at time.

Weekly structure

  • Week 1. How has alcohol and drugs affected his or hers the daily life? Individual and group inventory.
  • Week 2. How has alcohol and drugs affected the family and friends? Individual and group inventory.
  • Week 3. How has alcohol and drugs affected the work Individual and group inventory.
  • Week 4. Visions and future.


Daily structure

Every day follows a similar plan. Food and exercise is important, and we serve healthy food. One day can look like this:

  • Breakfast
  • Group work according to the weekly theme.
  • Lunch
  • Ayurveda treatment and massage.
  • Individual meeting with therapist.
  • Yoga and meditation.
  • Dinner.
  • Own work.
  • Evening gathering.

One day per week we do excursions

Contact us

Kreasoma AB
Indian Phone: +918138805085
Sweden Phone: +46709820690
E-post: info@kreasoma.com